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Balangir, Odisha

Student Union


STUDENT’S UNION-2019-20, 2020-21 & 2021-22



  • To provide a clean, comfortable and inviting environment where students, staff, faculty and community can relax and interact socially.

  • To provide convenient, up-to-date services to meet current needs of the college community.

  • To provide extracurricular activities of an educational, social, cultural and recreational nature to the students.

  • To assist in personal development of the students, through both formal training sessions and daily interaction in the areas of leadership, moral and values clarification, social responsibility, self realisation and interpersonal cooperation.

  • To pay attention to student’s issues and work on solving their problems in cooperation with college administration.



The mission of the student’s union is to provide convenient, high quality facilities and efficient services to support the college community’s social, cultural, educational and recreational programmes and services which, in concern with the institution’s educational offerings, develop student’s intellectual, emotional, physical and social growth.



  1. To make our institution enlightened with high max light.
  2. To divert the drain outside the campus which is existing inside the college campus.
  3. To supply good quality water within the campus.
  4. To provide high quality e-Learning platform in the institution.
  5. To construct Lord Dhanwantari Temple inside the campus.
  6. To hike stipend of Interns and PG scholars.



  1. Jeeru Ojaswini Reddy- President-Cell: 7978644281

  2. Roshan Kumar Dash-General Secretary-Cell: 8327725627

  3. Santosh Kumar Dhal-Vice President-Cell: 7978286326

  4. Nilam Swain- Asst. General Secretary-Cell: 934843135


Prof. Dr. Arun Kumar Das- Principal

Dr. Simadri Bhusan Nayak- Union Advisor

Dr. Ganesh Kumar Meher- Asst. Union Advisor





  1. Satyam Chandrakar- President

                   Ph:- 6370041426


  1. Bulu Meher-General Secretary

                   Ph:- 8456014787


  1. Sandip Meher-Vice President



  1. Aanchal Agrawal-Asst. General Secretary-

                   Ph:- 7735180261



Prof. Dr. Arun Kumar Das- Principal

Prof. Dr. Manoj kumar Sahoo - Union Advisor

Dr. Sushanta Kumar Meher- Asst. Union Advisor